martes, 14 de abril de 2015


Each probability system has its own set of " blueprints ", clearly defining its freedoms and boundaries, and setting forth the most favorable structures capable of fulfilment. These are not " inner images of perfection ", and to some extent the blueprints themselves change, for the action within any given system of probabilities automatically alters the entire picture, enlarging it. The blueprints are actually more like inner working plans that can be changed with circumstances, but to some extent they are idea-lizations, with a hyphen.

As an individual you carry within you such a blueprint, then, it contains all the information you require to bring about the most favorable version of yourself in the probable system that you know. These blueprints exists biologically and at a every level, psychically, spiritually, mentally. The information is knit into the genes and chromosomes, but it exists apart, and the physical structures merely represent the carries of information. In the same fashion the species " en masse " holds within its vast inner mind such working plans or blueprints. They exist apart from the physical world and in an inner one, and from this you draw those theories, ideas, civilizations, and technologies which you then physically translate.

Platonic thought saw this inner world as perfect. As you think of it, however, perfection always suggests something done and finished, or beyond surpassing, and this of course denies the inherent characteristics of creativity, which do indeed always seek to surpass themselves. The Platonic, idealized inner world would ultimately result in a dead one, for in it the models for all exteriorizations were seen as already completed-finished and perfect.

The inner world does represent idea potential as yet unrealized, but those ideas and those potentials do not exist outside of consciousness. They are ideals set in the heart of man, yet in other terms he is the one who also put them there, out of the deeper knowledge of his being that straddles physical time. Existence is wise and compassionate, so in certain terms consciousness, knowing itself as man, sent future extensions of itself out into the time scheme that man would know, and lovingly planted signposts for itself to follow " later ".

Man is himself made as much of god-stuff as earth-stuff, so in those terms now the god in himself yearned toward the man in the god, and earth experience. Not understanding yourselves, you have tried to put the " idea " of god outside of yourselves and your living framework ... to give a glimpse of your own infinite nature even within the bounds of your creaturehood must be very important, to see, better say, to feel, the human nature like part of your own divinity ...

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