viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015


Myths symbolise the human experience and embody the spiritual values of a culture. Every society preserves its myths because the beliefs and morals found within them are crucial to the survival of their collective identity and traditions. These folktales and legends originate in our distant past, sustained by oral traditions and storytelling. They typically explain the origins of our world, the nature of the cosmos and the causes of unexplained phenomena. They also highlight the qualities of heroism and wickedness, suggesting a path toward greatness and morality.

Myths are essential to our world view because they ask fundamental questions such as, Who am I ? Why am I here ? What is the nature of the universe ? How do I reconcile my life before my death ?

These questions still pervade the human psyche today, and have compelled our species to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Quite simply they challenge us to better ourselves, to unlock the secrets of the cosmos and to reach toward higher ideals. By acquainting yourselves with world mythology, you will ultimately learn more about who you are and embrace the inspiration that compelled the heroes of legend toward greatness and fulfillment.

El Mito inspira ... el Mito atrae ...  el Mito coloca ... en un espacio sin tiempo, en un lugar donde lo irreal se convierte en realidad, donde el encantamiento hechiza y envuelve como a un niño y el antiguo, el verdadero Mito, activa con poder la magia ancestral y las innumerables y eternas posibilidades del espíritu ...

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